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  Hon Ann Bressington


Full Name Ann Marie Bressington
EducationMater Dei Private - Toowoomba Year of Graduation - 1970
Prior EmploymentFounder & CEO ADTARP Inc. (Drugbeat of SA)
Public ActivitiesBoard of Directors - Drug Free Australia - Funded by the Federal Government to deliver education, raise public awareness of the harms of illict drugs
promote prevention, intervention, treatment and rehabilitation. Appointed to Australian National Council of Drugs (ANCD) peak advisory body to the Prime Minister's office. Drug and alcohol, counsellor/group facilitator.
Other InformationFocusing on drug treatment, rehabilitation and reform
to promote recovery from substance abuse. Daughter Shay Louise, died of an overdose in 1998. Have spoken with many parents who have struggled with a drug dependent child. Have four surviving children. Hopes to represent parents, drug users and children of drug users for more effective and accessible treatment options to assist individuals affected by substance abuse.


18 Mar 2006 - 14 Mar 2014Legislative CouncilMemberIndependentRetired


Committee Information

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02 May 2006 - 21 Nov 2007Member - Legislative Review Committee
14 Mar 2007 - 17 Nov 2009Member - Families SA
26 Sep 2007 - 01 Dec 2009Member - SA Water
06 May 2010 - 14 Mar 2014Member - Statutory Authorities Review Committee
29 Jul 2011 - 23 Jul 2013Member - Disability Services Funding
28 Mar 2012 - 15 Feb 2014Member - Wind Farm Developments in South Australia