List of Members

This is where you'll find information of current members of parliament. The names link to a detail profile of each member.

You can sort the list differently by clicking on the column headers ("Name", "Party", "House" and "Electorate") below:

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 Hon Emily BourkeALPLC
 Hon Justin HansonALPLC
 Hon Ian HunterALPLC
 Hon Kyam MaherALPLC
 Hon Tung NgoALPLC
 Hon Irene PnevmatikosALPLC
 Hon Clare ScrivenALPLC
 Hon Russell WortleyALPLC
 Hon Tammy FranksGSALC
 Hon Mark ParnellGSALC
 Hon John DarleyINDLC
 Hon John DawkinsLIBLC
 Hon Dennis HoodLIBLC
 Hon Jing LeeLIBLC
 Hon Michelle LensinkLIBLC
 Hon Rob LucasLIBLC
 Hon Andrew McLachlan CSCLIBLC
 Hon David RidgwayLIBLC
 Hon Terry StephensLIBLC
 Hon Stephen WadeLIBLC
 Hon Connie BonarosSABLC
 Hon Frank PangalloSABLC

ALP=Australian Labor Party
GSA=Greens SA
LIB=Liberal Party