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  Mr Francis Dutton CMG


Full Name Francis Stacker Dutton CMG
QualificationsCMG (1872), FRGS
Public ActivitiesBorn circa 1818 Francis Dutton was born in Germany of British parents before migrating to Brazil at the age of 17. He travelled to New South Wales, and settled in South Australia in 1841. Early involvement with the mining industry, including the discovery of the Kapunda copper mine with Captain C.H. Bagot, made Dutton's fortune and enabled him to enter politics. He was a member of the Legislative Council for East Adelaide from 1851-1857 and in this capacity was active in drafting South Australia's constitution. In 1857, he was elected under the new constitution to the seat of Adelaide, held office under Hanson as Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration, and in 1860 was returned as member for Light, a position he held until 1865. In June 1863 he proposed a motion of censure in the Waterhouse government over alleged financial irregularities, causing Waterhouse and his government to resign. Dutton formed a ministry in July of that year, but lack of support in the Legislative Council saw his term as Premier over after 11 days. He served as Premier again in 1865 before resigning to take up the post of Agent-General for South Australia in London which he held until his death in 1877.
Deceased25 Jan 1877


02 Jul 1851 - 02 Feb 1857Legislative CouncilEast Adelaide Pre-Party SystemNot Re-elected
09 Mar 1857 - 18 Mar 1860House of AssemblyCity of AdelaidePre-Party SystemChanged Seat
19 Mar 1860 - 22 Apr 1862House of AssemblyLightPre-Party SystemResigned
17 Nov 1862 - 28 Sep 1865House of AssemblyLightPre-Party SystemAccepted Office
28 Sep 1865Not Re-electedUnknown


Offices Held

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28 Sep 1865Former Member

Ministerial Appointment

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30 Sep 1857 - 02 Jun 1859Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration
04 Jul 1863 - 15 Jul 1863Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration
04 Jul 1863 - 15 Jul 1863Premier
22 Mar 1865 - 20 Sep 1865Commissioner of Public Works
22 Mar 1865 - 20 Sep 1865Premier