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  Hon John Hart Snr


Full Name John Hart Snr
Date of Birth 25 Feb 1809
Public ActivitiesBefore coming to South Australia, John Hart travelled various other Australian colonies, buying and selling commodities such as timber and sealskins. He continued his activities as a mariner and merchant in addition to running a whaling station at Encounter Bay from 1842 to 1846. In 1846 he established himself in Adelaide, involving himself, with varying degrees of success, in numerous commercial ventures including flour milling, mining, and cattle grazing. He ran in the first elections of South Australia's new bicameral Parliament, and was elected to the House of Assembly on a vague, mildly conservative platform. He held three Premierships, each relatively short-lived, between 1865 and 1871 and acted as Treasurer in a number of other administrations during this period of political instability. During his time in Parliament, Hart advocated the removal of customs duties for shipping, and the facilitation of increased migration of cheap labour from India and China. He felt that the role of government should be a limited one - services such as education and sewerage, he argued, should be paid for by the user. In many respects then, his politics reflected his background as a self-made businessmen. Hart died suddenly, in 1873, aged 64.
Deceased28 Jan 1873


12 Jul 1851 - 07 Jul 1853Legislative CouncilVictoria Pre-Party SystemResigned
07 Jul 1854 - 02 Feb 1857Legislative CouncilVictoria Pre-Party SystemCouncil Expired by Law
09 Mar 1857 - 23 Aug 1859House of AssemblyPort AdelaidePre-Party SystemSeat Vacated by Absence without Leave
08 May 1862 - 28 Mar 1866House of AssemblyPort AdelaidePre-Party SystemResigned
04 May 1868 - 13 Apr 1870House of AssemblyLightPre-Party SystemChanged Seat
14 Apr 1870 - 28 Jan 1873House of AssemblyThe BurraPre-Party SystemDeceased


Ministerial Appointment

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21 Aug 1857 - 01 Sep 1857Treasurer
30 Sep 1857 - 12 Jun 1858Treasurer
04 Jul 1863 - 15 Jul 1863Chief Secretary
15 Jul 1863 - 22 Mar 1865Treasurer
23 Oct 1865 - 28 Mar 1866Chief Secretary
23 Oct 1865 - 28 Mar 1866Premier
24 Sep 1868 - 13 Oct 1868Chief Secretary
24 Sep 1868 - 13 Oct 1868Premier
30 May 1870 - 10 Nov 1871Premier
30 May 1870 - 10 Nov 1871Treasurer