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  Hon Thomas Reynolds


Full Name Thomas Reynolds
Public ActivitiesSouth Australia's fifth Premier, Thomas Reynolds came to the colony in 1840. From a lower social position than many other future Premiers, Reynolds was a successful grocer before his entry to politics. A pious man, and a religious dissenter opposed to state aid to churches, Reynolds also objected to the prevalence of alcohol consumption in South Australia. In addition to his radical liberal stance on the question of constitutional reform, these concerns defined his political activities in the 1850's - a period that saw him elected a member of the Legislative Council in 1854 and, in 1857, to the House of Assembly in the new parliament. Reynolds became Premier in May 1860 following his proposal of a no confidence motion in the Hanson government. His Premiership was characterised by cuts to spending in the public service and difficulty with the obstructionist Supreme Court judge, Justice Boothby. Confusion surrounding the validity of attempts to remove Judge Boothby saw the resignation of key members of the Reynolds ministry and the collapse of his administration in October 1861. Reynolds remained in parliament until 1873, acting as Treasurer in a number of ministries form 1865-68. Returning from Darwin to Adelaide in 1875, Reynolds and his wife were both drowned in a shipwreck off the Great Barrier Reef.
Deceased24 Feb 1875


02 Jul 1854 - 02 Feb 1857Legislative CouncilWest Torrens Pre-Party SystemCouncil Expired by Law
09 Mar 1857 - 12 Mar 1860House of AssemblyThe SturtPre-Party SystemChanged Seat
13 Mar 1860 - 17 Feb 1862House of AssemblyCity of AdelaidePre-Party SystemResigned
02 May 1862 - 09 Nov 1862House of AssemblyCity of AdelaidePre-Party SystemNot Re-elected
05 Nov 1864 - 27 Mar 1870House of AssemblyEast AdelaidePre-Party SystemNot Re-elected
14 Dec 1871 - 02 Feb 1872House of AssemblyEncounter BayPre-Party SystemUnseated
29 Feb 1872 - 28 Aug 1873House of AssemblyEncounter BayPre-Party SystemResigned


Ministerial Appointment

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30 Sep 1857 - 12 Jun 1858Commissioner of Public Works
09 May 1860 - 08 Oct 1861Premier
09 May 1860 - 08 Oct 1861Treasurer
17 Oct 1861 - 19 Feb 1862Treasurer
22 Mar 1865 - 20 Sep 1865Treasurer
03 May 1867 - 24 Sep 1868Treasurer
13 Oct 1868 - 03 Nov 1868Treasurer
04 Mar 1872 - 22 Jul 1873Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration