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Live Broadcast

A webcast of the proceedings of the Parliament of South Australia is made available to provide greater community access to the Legislature and are available on programmed sitting days. The business agendas of the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly are their Notice Papers, issued for every sitting day and available on this website. Transcripts of previous daily proceedings are available from ‘Hansard’ on this website.

The proceedings are protected by parliamentary privilege but further publication of the webcast may not enjoy the same level of protection. Extracts or excerpts of the transmissions may be protected if they constitute a fair and accurate report of the proceedings.

The webcast is available for the purpose of fair and accurate reports of the proceedings and should not be used for party political advertising or election campaigning, satire or ridicule, commercial advertising or sponsorship.

The State of South Australia is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of the material or from delays or interruptions to the service.

The Sitting Calendar lists all days when the Live Broadcast is available.

Legislative Council


House of Assembly

Clicking on one of the buttons above to commence live streaming will open a 'popup' window of the live broadcast. Please make sure "Popups" are enabled in your browser.

The provided video and audio streams are Flash streams and require Flash Player to be installed. Flash player is available for free download.

iDevices such as iPhones and iPads can play the streams without requiring Flash.

Live Broadcast Feedback
Email: prd@parliament.sa.gov.au

Technical Feedback
Email: prdsupport@parliament.sa.gov.au